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Using Snyder Bailey Mail with screen readers zillow Review Rating: 5 "Jana and Paul are absolutely incredible. Thanks to them, we bought our house in Martinsburg and we love it. We started looking for houses in October of 2020, when the housing market was already tough because of a lack of inventory and houses being sold to cash offers only. They guided us throughout the whole process, from seeing houses to negotiating our offers and going through the inspection and signing of the paperwork, and we are so grateful to them that I don’t even know where to start this review. They are just awesome! They were so incredibly patient with us - showed us a bunch of houses, showed us the whole Berkeley and Jefferson Counties (they know literally everything about it the panhandle area), and helped us make our decision. Paul is super knowledgeable about housing materials, construction, renovations, and at every place he showed us - and let me tell you, there were a bunch! - he opened our eyes to the potential each place offered. Jana is a contracting wiz and knows everything about it, helping us with creative options on our offers to make us competitive, and taking so much care with the paperwork to ensure everything was right. They showed us houses on evenings, during weekends, and bent themselves backwards to accommodate us. We lost two offers to cash buyers (our third offer was finally accepted) and they were with us along the way, not giving up on us and and keeping us motivated and giving us hope that we would find something, which we did, thanks to them. They communicated with us often, thoroughly, and easily, and made the whole process exciting and fun (they are so much fun to be around, it was great seeing houses with them). We aren’t from the area and so they also helped us with local recommendations since we didn’t know anyone here, and made sure we were settled in and taken care of from A to Z week after the signing of the contract. I seriously cannot recommend them highly enough. They are not only incredibly competent and knowledgeable realtors, they also good people with a heart of gold. Thank you, Jana and Paul; we are huge fans!!"


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